Law Office of Thomas A. Gibbons, PC.

Landlord & Tenant

The Law Office of Thomas A. Gibbons, P.C. will handle the eviction process from start to finish.  Being a landlord in Massachusetts can be complicated at times and we are here to help.  Unfortunately for landlords, one small mistake can lead to disastrous legal and financial consequences.  We have experience reviewing leases and can help landlords avoid common mistakes.  We can help if you are a new property owner and need assistance drafting a lease or tenancy at will agreement or if you are an experienced landlord and want to review your documents to make sure everything meets the current standard of the law.  If you need to evict a tenant, we can advise you on the best way to do that from start to finish.  Our years of experience with the process allows us to provide the necessary guidance and navigate the legal system.  We have experience representing business landlords for apartment complexes as well as individual landlords.  We will keep you involved in all aspects along the way and do our best to get you favorable results.  Avoid costly mistakes by calling the Law Office of Thomas A. Gibbons, P.C. for legal advice. 


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